New booking

Price per day for at most 4 people included 14-15 ft boat with 15 HK 1.100 NOK
Extra person per day (children under 4 years, free) 150 NOK
Sheets and towels per set 200 NOK
Final cleaning (obligatory for all guests) 800 NOK
Extra boat, large, 18 ft Sting boat with 40 HK 500 NOK
Extra boat, small, 15 ft with 15 HK 300 NOK
Firewood, per bag 50 NOK
Inclusive in the rent is: 14-15 ft boat with 15 HK engine and life vests for adults.
Not inclusive in the rent: cleaning, towels and sheets, paper and other og annet consumables, fuel for boat and firewood for fireplace.
It is not allowed to bring a dog.
Payment info:
When clicking confirm, you will be redirected to paypal for payment of the deposit (1.000,00 NOK). When this is approved, your booking will be registered.
The remaining rent amount is paid no later than 42 days prior to arrival.
You will receive more information about how to pay the remaining amount later.
If booking happens less than 50 Days before arrival date, the total amount must be paid immediately.
Mark each transfer with your name, number of the cabin and rent period.

If you have any trouble logging in or paying with paypal, feel free to contact me at for help.

Rorbu 3 Wei╬▓ (the prices in the calender is wrong)

5694 Onarheim